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University Centre West Anglia is a partnership between the College of West Anglia and Anglia Ruskin University and offers higher education programmes at the College of West Anglia’s King’s Lynn and Cambridge campuses.

The compact nature of the college’s campuses ensures that our students receive unprecedented support from tutors and have the opportunity to form firm friendships with other learners, something which is not always easy in a larger university. At UcWA, everybody counts, and success is obtainable.

In addition, major differences between the way colleges (including provisions in partnerships with colleges, such as UcWA) and universities deliver HE courses mean that college students are graduating with an average of around £17,500 less debt than their university counterparts, according to research by the Association of College.

There are many benefits to studying at UcWA

Lower course fee (£8240 p.a for most courses)

Modern facilities

Opportunity to work part-time

Live at home with less travel costs

Higher number of teaching hours

Good level of tutor access & support

Links with local employers

Childcare available on site (at King’s Lynn)

Access & Pre-Access courses available

Our students love UcWA

In recent years, students studying Computing Science, Psychosocial Studies, History & English and Early Childhood Studies have reported 100% satisfaction on the National Survey.