UcWA veterinary nursing student, Rosie Ward has worked for the charity ACE (Animal Care in Egypt) in Luxor, Egypt nursing horses, donkeys, dogs, cats and even camels.  

Rosie will begin her 4th year studying towards a BSc Veterinary Nursing at the Cambridge campus. She decided to visit Egypt to gain further practical experience in the field.

Rosie was accompanied by other veterinary nursing students who, for two weeks, stayed in accommodation at the hospital. She was responsible for looking after a wide range of animals. Daily tasks included administering medications to patients, cleaning and dressing wounds, helping in clinics, assisting with operations and helping the locals wash and give treatments to their animals.

I spent 2 weeks working with a great team of veterinary surgeons, veterinary students and other staff members who gave me the opportunity to gain some amazing hands on experience.

Although there were many upsetting cases, such as wounds from working conditions or from traditional home remedies, seeing the work that the veterinary team put in to help these animals made all the difference. The team face many problems daily and must work with the materials and medications they have on hand, which made me feel very grateful for all the supplies we are able to easily get in the UK!

Alongside working in the day, ACE organised various trips to explore the local area. Rosie went on a hot air balloon ride, visited the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple went in to the local town for food.

This experience has encouraged me to work with equids in the future and hopefully to re-visit this wonderful hospital to complete more voluntary work.